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Fashion trends - The 'hi-low' hem: nothing new
'Vintage' parasol
Vintage wedding 1930s - Creating the look
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January 2012

Size does matter

Size does matter!
Sorry boys but size really does matter!...... particularly when buying Vintage. It is a fact that women are larger these days and not neccessarily in a bad way! Women are taller and broader and the increased use of elastane to provide stretch in many modern fabrics makes garments quite forgiving meaning we can all kid ourselves a little what size we really are. This is not the case with a lot of genuine Vintage clothing.
Underwear has always been used to redistribute our 'assets' to conform to the fashionable shape of the day. Nowadays implants, plastic surgery and padded bras have been used to change the 'desirable' proportions and impossible perkiness of boobs. The average bust size has increased.
The average shoe size has also increased from 5 (38) to 6 (39)
        The average dress size is now at least a 14 and that is in modern sizing so perhaps even nearer a 16. Perhaps stores have also been 'sizing to flatter'.

Pattern sizing has remained fairly consistent however and it can come as a shock for potential brides when they try on Wedding dresses because these tend to be made 'true-to-size' and are often boned and very fitted. Brides may have to try on dresses 2 sizes larger than they have become used to buying in High Street stores in order for them to fit.
It is important to be aware of the original period and sizing of a genuine Vintage garment but if it is to be worn rather than just admired it is also important to know the dimensions or how the size corresponds to a modern body and a more modern perception of size and fit.
For my website I include sizing details........
  • As they are provided in any labelling sewn into the garment.
  • My opinion as to the accuracy of this with regard to the garment and the sizes that could wear it now.                                                                    Bridal Gown by Meryl Smart
  • In the case of no sizing label information being available I provide accurate measurements.
  • I am happy to provide further sizing/measurement/period/fabric details if requested  (please use 'Contact Me' form or e-mail
                                                                             Meryl Smart

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